Industrial and scientific software

We build and maintain mathematical models used to steer complex business decisions. We believe in choosing the level of complexity that is just right for the customer’s current needs, avoiding unnecessary complexity as we make sure that all relevant phenomena are represented. We confidently work with models in multiple domains, among which:

  • electromechanics

  • aeroelasticity

  • thermodynamics

Commonly, we work in Matlab, Python and C++, but we also do work in any other structured-text programming language when it is required.

Mechatronics and product automation

We design and optimise mechatronic and embedded systems throughout their life-cycle:

  • Dynamic modeling and simulation

  • Control algorithms design

  • Electromechanics specification and sizing

  • Hardware and software development

  • Validation toolchain (MIL, SIL, HIL)

  • Certification (IEC61508, IEC61511, ISO13849, ISO26262)

  • Fleet maintenance and upgrades


Process optimisation and automation

We perform the analysis and optimisation of a wide variety of industrial process, including:

  • Chemical

  • Mechanical manufacturing

  • Food production

  • Packaging

We also lead the deployment of automation and robotics solutions, providing the client with a business-savvy approach to systems design and integration.

Business transformation consulting

Current global circumstances force many businesses to reinvent themselves. Roumtech provides 360º business services for:

  • Turning data into information: quantitative analysis

  • Finding the relevant information: identification of areas where competitiveness is lost

  • Turning information into business plans: identification of growth strategies, including digitalisation and data science

  • Making plans reality: development of business improvement plans and their implementation


Automation of business operations

Although industrial automation is where we come from, our control software can steer more than just machinery.

Just like aircraft autopilots relieve the human pilots from the tiring tasks of “throttle-and-stick”, allowing them to focus on navigation, communication and monitoring, so can a software program assist those who execute frequent business operations with recurring patterns.

We design and deploy such algorithms, that connect to the customer’s databases, relieving human operators from repetitive tasks and allowing them to focus on higher added-value work.

We employ state-of-the-art machine learning and data intelligence methods to minimise costs and maximise profitability.